Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mark Arrives...All Is Well!

It was great to see that Papa Smurf Truck roll in last night.  Of course this morning, after being taken out to breakfast by Roxi, we headed out to the farm.  Most of the photos will speak for them self, Mark unloads the truck and we take a good look at the site TOGETHER!!   Yaaaaaa

The last three photos are of my first mail delivery...and here is my mailing address!
You may be amused to know, that my address is box 22, but I open a box that has the number 5,
which is part of a large stand with many boxes marked number 3.

Mark says it is just like Winnie-the-Pooh who lived in 100 acer wood
under the name of "Mr Saunders" gum, I think he is right!

Oh ya, just for the fun of it, I called the Post Office to ask why this was so?

"We can't explain it Mame, it is just the way it works." they replied!  Go figure????LOL

Friday Morning Check-Up

Okay...lots happening today!  The man you see working on the power lines, set up our temporary power.  This is good because we will be able to move the camper trailer out to the farm.  The water which was flooding the land has retreated slowly like a wounded wild creature might after a long fight.

At first glace this morning, I thought the basement wall was done and in.....not quite, it is only boards that will be used to pour the cement into, to make the walls.  And only the inside boards at that.  It is starting to give me a visual, of size and shape. Visual are good for the run away kind of imagination I seem to own!

Mark has called to say he will arrive at supper time today!  WONDERFUL. I am excited to see him.

Oh ya, Sister this the round building you were speaking of?  It is an old wooden silo where grain was kept...I think it would make a dandy screen house.  Mark and I cannot dream much beyond house, as it needs all of our thoughts and money at this time.  Mark loved your idea about using a old door for a coat rack peg, do feel free to share more of your endless storage of "know what I saw once" and " I was thinking of a way to re-use this".  I have tons of moldings, door tops, knobs, old window, shutter, and that does not even touch the old barn!  I think barn board floors would look great and save some money, but cost time. I would love the cottage to have a real old farm house feel.  I am not gifted in the interior decor.  But would love to re use anything I can. I am very very bless with a great handyman! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our Son in Law:

I want to add, that before the digging started, there was 2 to 3 feet of snow still on the ground and Kristopher rented a bobcat and plowed the plot, field and driveway open.  He did have a wee bit of trouble when the soft wet ground suck his bobcat in....but being a man of great faith, he was delivered, by a good Samaritan passing by.  Pop and I are so please with his loving help!

Footing Course or maybe the Drain Tile???

Okay, I really do not know what this is.  I am sure it is progress.  No one was on site today when I took the photo, so I could not ask.  Mark is still driving across Canada, thinks he might land here Friday night or Saturday early.

 Today I talked to addiction service about testing my well there is nothing additive in my well (that I know of), but the number that the County Office gave me was wrong, and when the lady (nurse) answered the phone, I spieled off this incredible, well rehearsed, rather long detailed line....who I was, what I needed and why....then this voice said..."Well, I really would like to help you, but this is Additive Services."  She gave me a number too.  You see, here in Alberta the testing is done my Alberta Health Services.  The nurse also gave me a wrong number, which lead to another person giving me a  number, that did not seem like a real number at all.....310-0000.  I looked at that and said, "gee that looks like a number that would be had for a emergency oil spill or something".  I called it, it was a general number for government services.  In the end all this lead me to a voice box of a lady with a heavy accent that would be German, maybe...she claim if I left her a "brief message of my intentions" and a return number she would return my call when she was available.  Her office was called "water and wells dispatch" or something strange like that. So I wait!!!!!

Today, Daniel's wife Vicky and baby Achilles came with me....he is so sweet! Vicky was such good company...she is so positive and warm.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The BIG Dig

Mark has not arrived yet, but is now half way here.  Today saw the basement dug, and septic in.  Tomorrow will see the footing down and temporary power done.