Monday, July 29, 2013

Good-Bye July....Hello August...Please be the Month I move into my HOME!!

July is ending very quickly, and the fields are taking on a new
look.  The yellow canola flowers are dropping off pedals making the fields
all patchy patterned.  The sky is large here so opened and seems to
put on a show of dazzling light, which in a kind of way, makes
up for the lost of our large river and ocean. The young Buck
runs by showing off  new antlers, as the farmers are
now starting the haying....the first of the harvest!
So before the blooms died away, I took a photo of the
house ,with the finished end, and the barn...from a far with my
300mm lense....since I was out with the camera...well
I drove around my nieghbourhood...and this is what I saw.

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