Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Whole House is Here....In Bits and Pieces!

The rest of the house has arrived and with that arrival Mark and I now will move out and "Live on the Land...In the Trailer"  It seems mighty strange how this bunch of boards and wooden structures will in the next few weeks turn into our home.  Mark had to refasten the Dimple Board on the foundation, as the high winds blew it off.  You know, it is like living next to the ocean, with the way the winds goes and blow.  Wish we had the sea to see!

Tomorrow, the 9th of May, will be the beginning of the framing, and on Friday, our first grandson of 2012 will turn 1 (one)...So Jake, we will remember what we were doing on your first birthday.  You will always be one year older then our home. (Followed by Solomon, Achilles and Si-Ben)

Note the Cowboy with his holster on his hips, ready to begin a full days work!!!(Photo 6)

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Yes all the machines are part and parcel of the "homestead". Tell Stan to come on out and see if he can get it going....and if he does, then he can have it!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Stan was impressed by the odd collection of old farm machinery, particulary the Combine. Presume it belongs to your farm.   Looks as if the owners just up and left the farm.
WOW!!!  Love the "Out-House".  So nice to have all the Family there helping with the "Homestead". Just like an Old-Fashioned  Pioneer House Raising from the "Old West"!!! Love it.  So great to be able to watch everything coming together step-by-step.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Look What Arrived Today: Floor Joist and Trusses...LETS FRAME THIS HOUSE!!

The chairs were empty today, and things were moving along.

Papa is his own general contractor, and today he had the electric company fix the elertric flow to the trailer.....he help unload the floor and trusses and other lumber......he had the inspector check his foundation, and passed the inspection....and he managed to get water flowing from the old farmhouse water-well!
I think this is INDEED a GREAT day!!
Oh is a kicker, we broke a weather recorded for an all time high for May reached 30 degrees today...Imagine last weekend we had a blizzard!!  CRAZY!!

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To All the Comments

Thank you Norah Jean, Wendy, Lavina, Silvie and BeBe.  I am glad to see that some of you have managed to post your comments right on the blog....I tried and tried to post the ones sent from Silvie and Wendy...I wrote back to each of you.(hope you received them) but be darned if I can figure out how to display them?!?

I love seeing your comments they somehow make my day feel warmer and happier.  Wendy I LOVED your ideas about using they old door etc...please send us any more ideas...any of you!  we are hoping to use barn boards, and moulding, to finish the inside...I am still trying to think of something for my island countertops...??

Of course for now were are just wanting it framed and roof...lots of months for the inside ideas.

Again, keep the comments coming, as I plan to have the blog printed into a book when I am done, and all your words of love and encouragement and ideas, will make the book all that more extra special!

Saturday's crew, tar-ed and papered the basement, getting it ready for the next stage...framing!

Okay, let me explain why in all of my photos this crew is simply eating and sitting.

At 9 am Mark (Papa/Dad), Daniel and Scott-Isaac left Sexsmith and headed out to the farm
to tar the cement and wrap it in dimple board.  It was my job to deliver some form of lunch
between 12 and 1 PM.  Roxann who is recovering from a minor surgery and still wanting
to help opted to cook a very large pasta dish which was frozen.  Timing it to be done at 12:30.
At the given time when she checked her pasta, the center was still frozen, and I still needed to drive a half hour!!  Now we had nothing....So Vicky and I took off, heading for Costco for cook hot pizza.
that added on another half hour drive....making it now a 1 hour away meal...then the wait at the store, so it was well over 2pm closer to 2:30 when I finally arrived, and boy ir boy were these MEN ever hungry!!
The tar-ing was done and the board no tar photos except what you see on the guys. And Joe had to leave early with his little boy photos of them either.

Oh ya, we had a great Pasta, breads and speciality cheese for supper...compliments of Roxi....thanks darling it was tasty after-all...xoxoxoxox

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After the storm, we finally managed to get the cement poured and set! We have a basement! HURRAY

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