Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spring Brings Life: Our First Full Year!

Here we are ONE year later and what a fantastic year this have been.  Today is Marks birthday.

 I am not sure Mark has worked harder at a job then he did building our house this past winter...err excuse me, that is not true.  This is Marks second time for building our  own home.  In 1978 he built a cape code in the Moncton area.  I cannot remember it being hard, what I remember was how FUN it all was.  I remember the excitement  as I helped Mark pound nail and pass him shingle.  I remember pure joy as I packed lunches for he and I so we could work all day at the site.  I thought he was absolutely the most brilliant young man alive. We were so young and had only one little girl. Let me see I was 19 and he 24.

Now here I am 56 and he 61 today.  Everything we have done this year seemed very taxing and long and hard.  I do not feel excited to run errand for him but rather dutiful, and neither do I see joy pouring out of his being as he hammers and saws and builds, but rather determination.. I would not use the word fun to express the whole process.  However it has been very rewarding as each task is complete and very, very fulfilling to see it all come together. I must confess that I still think he is  brilliant and I love his work ethics. I do believe that the difference, the great divide, between youthful feelings and senior reservers,  accounts for my emotional differences.  The words and feeling of my youth, are expressed so differently as I enter my golden years.

I remember once hearing that if you really enjoyed something you would do it again.  Here is a million dollar question....Would I do this year all over again.   YES! I would, based on the end results of what I have gained and what I now own, I would do it again. Therefor I conclude that I indeed did enjoy for Papa Mark...wellll you will have to ask him yourself.

I LOVE my little home and acreage is so amazingly peaceful.  Norha-Jean really knows what I mean! To be able to be shut off from the insane busy movements of subdivision life, really does feel like I am in "Valhalla" (which means "little heaven" in Norwegian).

Now Mark and I go from builders and designer to good old fashion famers:  Farmer in the Dale...or Prairie: So I would like to present to you, the beginning of PART TWO:

Little FARM on the Prairie!

Heidi brought her daddy back a basket full of surprises from Edmonton.....and we are now CHICKEN FARMERS...."well, okay" this stage we were baby egg sitters!

For 21 days we all waited, and waited and waited....finally we starting hearing little peeps and pecking sounds.  Before we know it we had babies chicks!
Some of my youthful excitement began to flow, because the truth be known, baby "anythings" are just so ding darn cute!

HAY......HOE!!!  When there is this much excitement at the farm, the "other kind of Babies" come too.
Oh my goodness, them little girls are just all little mommies....and then the boys showed
the tender side of the man child!!    BEHOLD!!

We all picked out our favourite...based on colour and personality
It was a fun filed weekend, and my camera was not allowed to have much rest.  These babies were all so photo-graphicly beautiful!

There is now way on this beautiful green earth that a man and his wife and their farm could have just chicken without help.  Now with 18 babies it was time for us to step up the anti and get mans best friend.....yes, Our dog.  I would now like to introduce HARLEY MOEIT:

He is a chocolate lab three years old and Harley has no memory of anything life before the farm....this has to be true or he could not have transition so well.
It appears that Harley has always lived with us and always will.  

I will end this part of our farm update with photos of a boy and a dog....What could tug at the heart strings more then a wee lad of three walking in the field and playing in the water,
 with his trustily hound dog walking after him!!!!