Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our First Celebration in Our New Home! Nana's Birthday, October 2'd

This week has been very special.  We moved in!  We started with two twin mattresses on the floor in the master bedroom.. Poor Nana just could not rest well and the crawling in and out of bed was overwhelming and hard.  Upstairs was the automatic bed, it is too heavey to move so we...Papa and I moved upstairs together....and we are sleeping pretty good!
Mark/Papa has finished all the bamboo hardwood flooring.  He had work soooo hard to complete it and it looks fantastic.e also installed a stone floor in the entry looks sharp, we are proud that it turned out so nice.  He also finished putting interior doors on today.  We were able to have a birthday supper with a couple of familys who drove over to see us! yesterday we put our table together, we were dissappointed that it substained some damage on the top...but on the bright side, Wendy made me a beautiful table top cover! I think I chose a colour from that and recover my chairs!

So here is the birthday bunch, minus papa as he took the photo tonight.

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Look at My Kitchen and Main Bath...not finished, but sure looking nice!

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