Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Summer 2015 Coming to a Fast End!!

Here we sliding into fall already...WOW.  Since this blog is my photo log of our life on the farm, I have several photos to share and post.

I also want to include some super cute photos of Joseph and Corinna and their not children, but baby goats.  They were not able to keep them, in the end, as by laws did not allow a pet goat in their subdivision.  Papa and I could not take them as they required bottle feeding a few times a day and we both still work,as employed away from the farm a few days a week.

Papa grew 6 new apple trees, and two big rows of strawberry plants.  So next year will offer us a new exciting harvest.  However we do have one nice apple!  LOL

Weekends are usually full of "whom soever" sleepovers.  We love those happy full and yes sometimes tiring days.  But one can be tired out doing chores and why not be tired and full of happy joy from the littles one, I say!!

School has begin and everyone except our little Silas is in a program of sorts.  He (Silas) is going to have some great one on one time with his mommy, ahhh, alway good food for the heart!


Shepard Pa...and his pigs.....

We did put a few preserves away too:
And the crap apples from Dan and Vicky's tree
This year I turned it into "Apple Sauce" 
to go with our winters pork from Papa's pigs

Summer Fun with Grandkiddies
especially when they follow Papa



Nana & Papa walking to the barn!

Sleepovers are the best times ever!!  Movies...Popcorn

Aunika builds a bird restaurant

Piercen and Silas have fun on the new outside toy plane.

Hadassah is my barn own!  LOL

Caleb relaxes in our hammock

Aunika and Achilles share a sleepover

Piercen diapers his dog and finds it funny

Caleb is about to get his driver license