Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lots of progress...have a look! See our new wildlife updates

Mark borrowed our neighbour's tractor to mow our large
front grass.  We  also had a murder of crows move in
next door to the barn....noisy fellows indeed!
This week we had a few surprise visitor....A hugeblack bear  &
a young moose...(sorry no photos) and a pair of sandhill storks.
The photo of the birds were taken by Mark/Papa...he walked
out through a field to get them!  Good work!!

Now as you can see the "mudding"(crack fill) has began on the inside
of the home, and I am now looking at "paint chips" deciding
on colours....thank the "Good Lord" that I have daughters
to help me here...boy am I bad at this job...LOL
Yes Wendy, we are looking into the yellows too!!

Last but not least, the shingles are nearly done...looking good!!!

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