Thursday, June 13, 2013

WOW!  Things are certainly never dull in the Standring family!!What an incident.  So glad Mark was not hurt. Yes, a definite memorial for his gravestone !!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Contracted a 3'd Roofer...and was stood up today. STLL NO ROOF!! Waaaa

Mark is kind worn out, has a head cold.  We have had our share of that wet stuff that falls from the sky...called rain!  Because we have no roof yet, the rain puddles fill up on the floor boards of the house.  Mark ever so faithfully goes in after ever rain and sweeps and drys it off the floors.

So today he another "light Bulb" moment, and decided to seal the roof with a silicone, since we just do not know what to do about the "no roofer will come" trouble. I do not have a clue wither this is a smart idea or not because I really do not understand what it is he is siliconing.  I did tell him that I did not like it much, seeing him up on that steep roof.  He assured me today that he was going to be using a tether.

After he was working for well over a couple of hours, I heard his voice sounding urgent, calling me.  My heart jumped into my throat, he is in trouble, I knew.  I shouted back that I was coming, slipped on my shoes and ran toward the house.  My eyes viewed the roof, he was not there and then the ground, he was not laying there either.  All the way across the yard, I was saying out loud.  "Lord let him be okay".

"Mark" I shouted..."Around back" came his voice.  "Are you hurt" I called.  "No" said the Voice.  I arrived around back to see my husband dangling from a rope, ladder sprawled across the ground.  I know that your thinking, easy to fix, pick up the ladder, set it against the house and let him climb down, right?  Wrong!!  I have never (until now) tried to lift up a 30 foot ladder, let a lone swing it toward a house.  Soooo, I could barely lift one end....but did manage.  The end that I lifted,I had to  passed to dangling Mark, and while he was hanging by a rope, he had to place it against the house, while I with both feet planted on the ground, stuggled to lift the bottom onto place....after some odd kind of team work, the ladder got in place, but Mark was underneath the ladder and now had no way to swing himself, overtop!

I offered to climb up and try to grab his arm and pull him, but the ladder was not strong enough to hold us both...only thing to be done was Mark had to release himself from the rope and crawl down on the underneath side of the ladder!!  It was at that time that I so wanted to have my camera...but no matter how bad I wanted this on film, just taint right to leave a man dangling from a rope so you can have a photo shoot.  So I grabbed the ladder to steady it as he lowered his feet on the underside of the ladder and released his rope with one hand, hanging onto the ladder with the other.  Finally climbed down to the ground.
He took a break in the trailer, and talked about how it all happened while I made him a light supper.  Now that he is fed and okay, he said to me "Well, many would quit, but not me" as he headed off to climb that roof again...I call after him, saying..."I think that is what I will write on your tomb"  He called back..."OKAY"!!!
That is how June the 12th has gone down in history...our history.