Friday, June 7, 2013

UP, UP, and AWAY!! Shingles are Now Sitting on the Roof, Still No Roofer??

Mark's 60th Birthday happened on the 4th of June.  He and I went to have some East Coast Fish and Chips!  That is right, here in Grande prairie a Newfoundland couple have a small joint, sort of take out , eat in place.  It was as East Coast as any place back home.  We invited any other family to come and join us if they wished, but we realized that they had all already celebrated Dad's birthday at the Retirement party.  It was a delight and a surprise when Kris, Heidi and babies came as well as Joe Corinna and 3 boys, then in walked Dan Vicky and baby.  We  only missed the Flewwelling...and we kind of figured that it was too late for Hadassah, she does not do well at the end of her day, with big crowds in small spaces. In the end we showed those Newfoundlanders that big families still grather for good food!!!

Much more was gained on the 4th as well, because Kristopher, Joseph and Mark F all arrived to help Papa get the shingles on the top of the roof....  The photos will tell the story.  You will note that the  "young men" are safety conscience and have all the right equipment.  I have no explaination why Papa/Dad did not, and he was like a squirrel, darting up and down the roof.  My grey hair turned even whiter as I watched him....and truth be known, I could barely take the photos of the work because I was scared I was going to watch him fall to his death....then I could not think of any reason to finish this house without him!  And you would have wasted your time reading this whole blog!!

I am exceedly glad to report that he "Papa" is no worst for the wear and tear, and he did an excellent job. I also included a few interior (what there is of it) photos too!

Heidi's girls were here for the day and they enjoyed some "Gate rides" at the old barn!  Weeeeee!!!

The last photos of the sky, was taken at 1AM..imagine there is still light in the sky at that time, and a 3 AM the sky is starting to break dawn...we are truly in the land of the "midnight sun", I will over the next week or two take more photos at 2Am and the at 3Am..just to share with you.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Prep Work in Progress

Okay, let me explain.  The roof to the house is very very steep
as you cansee.  Soooo, Mark came up with an great idea, a way
to transport the shingle up to the roof top.  He first made a platform
over the windows and the door.  He the made mini platforms on the
roof itself to hold the shingle bundles!  Retirement has not affected
those creative, ploblem solving, smarts that he has!!!

It is our hope that our Builder will be back on Thursday and being
to add our roof....we sooooo need the roof so we can store the fixtures
beds and etc...????!!!!  No rain please from Thursday until Tuesday.
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