Monday, March 10, 2014

FINALLY, THE GRAND TOUR! Inside of the Home

 Here we have our living room corner.  The walls are the colour of a nice ripe peach.
The couch is a deep red, sitting on a brown, beige rug. The cabnet you see is where the
gas-fireplace will be installed (later). Lots of windows in this corner!
 Right behind the couch and in-front of the island is our kitchen table.
This is our dinning area!
 This view of our living room corner, is the view you see when
walking in our front door.  The floor is bamboo, now you can see my area rug!
 The small arm chair and stool is a childs size set.
You can also get a feel for how the loft is open above the living area.
 Here is the birds eye view looking down from the loft.
Please note Wendy's  begifted quilt on my new chair...
I have grown very attached to my quilt!
 The grandchildren LOVE this loft and view.
 Looking down from the loft into the dinning area!
Please note Norah-Jean's placemats! Use them everyday!
 The guest will have a bed real soon!
This is where Granny lives (Puppet doll from the Murphy's)
 But for now it has two memory foam and is cozy.
 This is the kitchen Island, but I do not have the "top"
counter on the island yet...just plywood and a table cloth.
 This is also the view of the kitchen from the front door.
The walls in the kitchen are butter white, matching the antique
colour of the cupboards.  This is the brightest living area you will
ever see.  When it snows, I feel like I am living in a snow glob!!
Again note the open loft area!
 Here is a full view of the living-room, dining-room and kitchen!
The whole end of the house is glass..both up n the loft and down in this room!
 This is the Jet tub room off of the Master-Bedroom
I am enjoying this tub!  So do the little ones!
 Walk in/through, closet  from Jet-tub room to bedroom
This side holds our hang-up clothing.
This side has cubby selves.  Againgreat hady-man work from Mark!
This elimanates the need for a dresser.
I have not taken photos of the Master Bedroom
yet as we are waiting for our New King bed. When it is set up
photo will follow. 

 The base-boards are re-used from the "Old Farm House"
Mark (Papa)did such a beautiful job on the whole interior of our home.
 The large mantles over the windows are also from the
original farm house that was built in the 1940's
 I love that they have history and I LOVE the GREAT
job Mark (papa) did in refurbishing them.
 The railing on the stair case matches all the old trim. Again Mark (Papa)
really did a nice job in the details...I am so proud of him!  Sigh..xoxox
 Mark (Papa) did a fantastic job here!
The stairs are finished in the same bamboo
as downstairs.
 Our main floor bathroom.One piece tub/shower.
Mark used ever square inch of space here!
Neat shelf ideas, between the wall and tub!
There is another 1/2 bathroom up in the loft too!
I still need to post photos of the upstairs, but it still has some finishing.

The house had taken shape throught out the winter. Mark had worked
continually day in and day out.  I still live with lots of dust and
sawdust as everything is done indoors...of course. (smile)
The bamboo floor shows ever speck too!!  But it is a quick
clean up as it is a small space.  I have discovered Murphy oil!!!
We have had up to three families
at once here, since furnishing, and so far so good.
We never installed our slide yet, for the year we will
have get that slide from the loft to downstairs installed!

The grand kids love the loft, and the secret cubby holes.
We have one or two grandkids overnight from Thursday
to Monday...different ones on different days .
 I work Tuesday and Thursday and Papa works
every morning and then late afternoon at his job, Mon til Fri.

I will post all the rest at the end of this month...come spring, we
will be venturing forth with building animal pens, and such!

I hope our garden this year is as successful as last year!


Two weeks ago it hit -40, but just so we did not feel to bad, the skies were alive at night! All photo from Valhalla Farm.