Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our Homestead View of the Living Sky! " Raindrops and Rainbows"

The sky was incredible beautiful tonight.  Rain is heading our way, and the sky was every changing.  it was a wonderful day on the farm, Daniel, Joseph and Heidi and their families spent the afternoon and evening help Papa/Dad with the many chores.  It is really a quest to feed and entertain 3 one year old, 2 three year olds, 1 five year old and 2 twelve year old and a teenager, along with all the Mommy and Daddies in a trailer just 26ft long!!!! (Roxi and Dassi were missing because they are at Beaver Camp for the day and night):  Beleive it or not, it goes amazingly well, and every-one goes home full and happy.

My house will seem huge when I get to move in after a few weekends of a dozen bodies in this trailer...LOL   I am sharing today's photo shoot....notice the sunset reflecting in the windows of the new house.  I am so pleased with the way Mark faced our home.  We will be enjoying many a sunset our the glass side of our home. I often post the family photo on the family blog as not to repeat everything, of course you are always welcomed to to follow both:  Link to other Blog:

May 20th to May 25th: Coming right along...and a few fun shots of family time!

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Hi To All   So enjoying watching the progress of the "Little House on the Prairie"!!  It is Almost like being right there.   So good to see all the Family working together.  So nice to see Roxi, dosent seem like she is in very many of the photos. Guess it is because she is a busy Mom. So good to see her.  Watching "My Room "  being built!!! Be careful of the coyotes!  and love the Northern Lights! 

May 19th...Out with the Old....In with the New!

                                                  Here is Caleb...He found and old tire in the field
                                                  and he made a tire swing....Isn't he great!!!
                                                  He spent the night with Nana and Papa in the trailer
                                                   on the Farm....Vahalla.

Today Mark (Papa) removed the old porches off the farm house....Papa had Kris and one of Kris's co-worker working with him.  The porches needed to be removed to make way for our Water contractor to access that well.  it is our plan to have a large holding tank, that will be filled with the well water, and we will draw from show the before and after!