Saturday, May 18, 2013

May the 17th & 18th...part of a roof and the completion of the second story walls

Joe and Corinna and the boys came out with supper, it was great showing Queenie all the new construction. Seems like whenever Joe arrives we find work for him to do...thank guys!xoxox.
 We took some photos (of course) hung out together and enjoyed each other.
Later that night I awoke at 3pm...looked out the window....jumped out of bed, grabbed my camera and shot the Northern Lights......they were stunning.  I am sorry  the photos are so grainy, but I did not have my was in the trailer and I did not want to wake my sleeping Prince..LOL. I was also a bit spooked.  Two days ago a coyote came up out of the ditch right beside the trailer.  Now here I was outside in the middle of the night, I got to thinking about that coyote, and thought..."what if I startled him and in his startled state he jumped and bit me.  Then if I took a wicked infections and lost my arm, we are now so poor I would have to make my own fake arm, as my granddaughter Dassi would say...I might need to use a rusty spatula...and I might add, a spatula for a hand is a good idea for a grandmother who need to cook a lot because I can then flip eggs and meat and stir pots of stuff! So part of me just wanted to get the photos and get back inside the trailer where I would be ...oh so much safer".

Today I has a wonderful visit from Roxi who is helping me (thankfully) to co-ordinate some of my fixtures....lights and appliances.  I have no materialistic vision!!!    You will see Roxi and I looking out the front door, Scott-Isaac and I in the window...and Hadassah running all around.

Enjoy yesterday's and today's photos.

Thank you all for your comments:

Yes  Sister Norah-Jean things do seem to stay very exciting her, one can be happy, tired, cranky, overwhelmed, overjoyed, excited, or worried...but never ever is it boring or dull!  Mark is missing Paul and verbalizes it many times a day, we do not have long distance on the phone yet, but I am soon going to take care of that so he can call him.
Sister Wendy, I still need to try to figure out how to have all the comments show up on the seemed to like the comment box, feel free to use whatever works best....I just worked out getting the internet here in Valhalla, I did so through Bell where I bought a MIFI box that runs on the cellular is fantastic!  Do share with Br George.
Now a sweet note to our Bee Bee, I did get your post and I am so glad that you and Solomon (older cousin...not baby Waye) are enjoying our adventure. Also a quick but loving HI to my pal Auntie "L" and Stan....
We love all the comments, it feels so great to see that you are following and enjoying and being there with us as we build our home.
To you Miramichier's whom have the link.....drop us a line too!!! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Building Our Retirement Home: May 14th We Have Walls on the First Floor! WOW

Building Our Retirement Home: May 14th We Have Walls on the First Floor! WOW

Things are progressing very nicely ...  Paul is wondering where Mark's TIE is ??  Everyone looks well and you must be very happy with all your family around & helping.  Although ... you must be missing us as we are missing you !!  ;-))  Paul & Norah Jean

May 17th...Trusses half on and the Movers from NB arrive at 11pm, Joe, Dan and Kris all came out at 10pm and waited for the truck. It was well after midnight before they left...This was a very long long day. Papa and I are so grateful for all the loving effort from our sons! THANKS A MILLION!

May 15th: Second Floor Started: Trusses and the Crane Truck

May 14th We Have Walls on the First Floor! WOW

                                    Achilles was at the site today visiting his Nana and Papa

Comments are welcome right on the Blog, just as you have done Sis Wendy, we plan to have the blog printed and all you comments will enrich our book, so to eveyone reading this....please add to our story.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Question for Mother Standring ???

Great pics! Love the weathered red paint on the silo. The plumbing ...ehhh ...not so much. I think we will wait till you have one that is heated and flushes before we come for a visit!
Must have been scary seeing that fire so close. Great pics of the pics progressed you see more and more vehicles around. You didn't mention whether anyone was in the home at the time...hope no one was hurt.

Judy, can you please specify if you want us (the readers) to comment in the comment box after each post, or as I am doing it now. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Last Nights Excitement and Scare

Our neighbours house burnt down last night. I went to the car to get my camera, Mark in his PJ's and me in my nighty upon seeing the smoke, grab the cell phone and headed up the hill to get the proper address before calling 911.....but just as we arrived we saw an RCMP car racing our way.  20 minutes later the water trucks arrived, the woods were on fire and we found ourselves looking down at the farm house seeing how easy it would be for a fire to wipe out miles of dry Prairie land....Let the photos show you what we saw.

The Deer were coming out of the wooded area......and here is nan and papa in our evening-wear!