Saturday, May 18, 2013

May the 17th & 18th...part of a roof and the completion of the second story walls

Joe and Corinna and the boys came out with supper, it was great showing Queenie all the new construction. Seems like whenever Joe arrives we find work for him to do...thank guys!xoxox.
 We took some photos (of course) hung out together and enjoyed each other.
Later that night I awoke at 3pm...looked out the window....jumped out of bed, grabbed my camera and shot the Northern Lights......they were stunning.  I am sorry  the photos are so grainy, but I did not have my was in the trailer and I did not want to wake my sleeping Prince..LOL. I was also a bit spooked.  Two days ago a coyote came up out of the ditch right beside the trailer.  Now here I was outside in the middle of the night, I got to thinking about that coyote, and thought..."what if I startled him and in his startled state he jumped and bit me.  Then if I took a wicked infections and lost my arm, we are now so poor I would have to make my own fake arm, as my granddaughter Dassi would say...I might need to use a rusty spatula...and I might add, a spatula for a hand is a good idea for a grandmother who need to cook a lot because I can then flip eggs and meat and stir pots of stuff! So part of me just wanted to get the photos and get back inside the trailer where I would be ...oh so much safer".

Today I has a wonderful visit from Roxi who is helping me (thankfully) to co-ordinate some of my fixtures....lights and appliances.  I have no materialistic vision!!!    You will see Roxi and I looking out the front door, Scott-Isaac and I in the window...and Hadassah running all around.

Enjoy yesterday's and today's photos.

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Brenda said...

Hello Prairie Family! I am enjoying every update! The house is really taking fine shape. A real treat seeing everyone. Such a 'magical' place -- with the aurore; like living in Lapland minus the snow. Love to all. Be