Saturday, May 18, 2013

Thank you all for your comments:

Yes  Sister Norah-Jean things do seem to stay very exciting her, one can be happy, tired, cranky, overwhelmed, overjoyed, excited, or worried...but never ever is it boring or dull!  Mark is missing Paul and verbalizes it many times a day, we do not have long distance on the phone yet, but I am soon going to take care of that so he can call him.
Sister Wendy, I still need to try to figure out how to have all the comments show up on the seemed to like the comment box, feel free to use whatever works best....I just worked out getting the internet here in Valhalla, I did so through Bell where I bought a MIFI box that runs on the cellular is fantastic!  Do share with Br George.
Now a sweet note to our Bee Bee, I did get your post and I am so glad that you and Solomon (older cousin...not baby Waye) are enjoying our adventure. Also a quick but loving HI to my pal Auntie "L" and Stan....
We love all the comments, it feels so great to see that you are following and enjoying and being there with us as we build our home.
To you Miramichier's whom have the link.....drop us a line too!!! 

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