Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Whole House is Here....In Bits and Pieces!

The rest of the house has arrived and with that arrival Mark and I now will move out and "Live on the Land...In the Trailer"  It seems mighty strange how this bunch of boards and wooden structures will in the next few weeks turn into our home.  Mark had to refasten the Dimple Board on the foundation, as the high winds blew it off.  You know, it is like living next to the ocean, with the way the winds goes and blow.  Wish we had the sea to see!

Tomorrow, the 9th of May, will be the beginning of the framing, and on Friday, our first grandson of 2012 will turn 1 (one)...So Jake, we will remember what we were doing on your first birthday.  You will always be one year older then our home. (Followed by Solomon, Achilles and Si-Ben)

Note the Cowboy with his holster on his hips, ready to begin a full days work!!!(Photo 6)

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Wendy Ouellette said...

Hello again! I like commenting this way...hope that's ok. If you prefer me to actually post I can figure that out too, but commenting in the comment box is so much quicker. So good to see things coming together. Re: the wind...I realized very quickly on my first visit to the prairies in October that The Maritimes does NOT have a monopoly on wind. The prairies can blow pretty good too! Hang on Dorothy...don't get blown away!

Brenda said...

Dear Prairie Family~ I am enjoying every posting and the photos are worth a thousand words! Solomon is by my side prompting me on how to post a comment; I needed his expertise for sure. Enjoying every day with you in this wonderful new adventure. GBY. Love, Bee Bee

Norah Jean Hartlen said...

Wow Judy !! You certainly had some drama !! What an alarming thing to wake up to !! Thank the Lord it wasn't any closer to your place !! Your house is coming along well .... good for you both. Had a nice Mother's day ... got together at G & W's for service.
Had a lovely phone call from both of my babies ... hope you had a wonderful M- day as well ... God Bless
Norah Jean