Monday, May 6, 2013

Saturday's crew, tar-ed and papered the basement, getting it ready for the next stage...framing!

Okay, let me explain why in all of my photos this crew is simply eating and sitting.

At 9 am Mark (Papa/Dad), Daniel and Scott-Isaac left Sexsmith and headed out to the farm
to tar the cement and wrap it in dimple board.  It was my job to deliver some form of lunch
between 12 and 1 PM.  Roxann who is recovering from a minor surgery and still wanting
to help opted to cook a very large pasta dish which was frozen.  Timing it to be done at 12:30.
At the given time when she checked her pasta, the center was still frozen, and I still needed to drive a half hour!!  Now we had nothing....So Vicky and I took off, heading for Costco for cook hot pizza.
that added on another half hour drive....making it now a 1 hour away meal...then the wait at the store, so it was well over 2pm closer to 2:30 when I finally arrived, and boy ir boy were these MEN ever hungry!!
The tar-ing was done and the board no tar photos except what you see on the guys. And Joe had to leave early with his little boy photos of them either.

Oh ya, we had a great Pasta, breads and speciality cheese for supper...compliments of Roxi....thanks darling it was tasty after-all...xoxoxoxox

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