Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mark Arrives...All Is Well!

It was great to see that Papa Smurf Truck roll in last night.  Of course this morning, after being taken out to breakfast by Roxi, we headed out to the farm.  Most of the photos will speak for them self, Mark unloads the truck and we take a good look at the site TOGETHER!!   Yaaaaaa

The last three photos are of my first mail delivery...and here is my mailing address!
You may be amused to know, that my address is box 22, but I open a box that has the number 5,
which is part of a large stand with many boxes marked number 3.

Mark says it is just like Winnie-the-Pooh who lived in 100 acer wood
under the name of "Mr Saunders" gum, I think he is right!

Oh ya, just for the fun of it, I called the Post Office to ask why this was so?

"We can't explain it Mame, it is just the way it works." they replied!  Go figure????LOL

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