Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tunnel Clouds, High winds of 90kph, Hail, then Sun within 30 minutes.

 After the storm, this was our reward!!!!   Waiting for Nana & Papa....How Sweet!
Wow, we just finished unloading when the sky darkened, and the winds picked up.  It went from 11 degrees to 0 in ten minutes, I saw tunnel clouds form and then drop from the sky to ground....while I taking photos. I saw it moving as fast as a car, I turned to Mark and yelled, "Run for the Car!"  Then the heavens open wide, down fell rain, sleet and hail!  WOW.  It ended with us arriving in Wembly at Heidi's...Enjoy the photos....they tell it so much better!!

                                      This swan is swimming in a flooded ditch after the storm.

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