Saturday, April 27, 2013

Friday Morning Check-Up

Okay...lots happening today!  The man you see working on the power lines, set up our temporary power.  This is good because we will be able to move the camper trailer out to the farm.  The water which was flooding the land has retreated slowly like a wounded wild creature might after a long fight.

At first glace this morning, I thought the basement wall was done and in.....not quite, it is only boards that will be used to pour the cement into, to make the walls.  And only the inside boards at that.  It is starting to give me a visual, of size and shape. Visual are good for the run away kind of imagination I seem to own!

Mark has called to say he will arrive at supper time today!  WONDERFUL. I am excited to see him.

Oh ya, Sister this the round building you were speaking of?  It is an old wooden silo where grain was kept...I think it would make a dandy screen house.  Mark and I cannot dream much beyond house, as it needs all of our thoughts and money at this time.  Mark loved your idea about using a old door for a coat rack peg, do feel free to share more of your endless storage of "know what I saw once" and " I was thinking of a way to re-use this".  I have tons of moldings, door tops, knobs, old window, shutter, and that does not even touch the old barn!  I think barn board floors would look great and save some money, but cost time. I would love the cottage to have a real old farm house feel.  I am not gifted in the interior decor.  But would love to re use anything I can. I am very very bless with a great handyman! 

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