Thursday, April 25, 2013

Footing Course or maybe the Drain Tile???

Okay, I really do not know what this is.  I am sure it is progress.  No one was on site today when I took the photo, so I could not ask.  Mark is still driving across Canada, thinks he might land here Friday night or Saturday early.

 Today I talked to addiction service about testing my well there is nothing additive in my well (that I know of), but the number that the County Office gave me was wrong, and when the lady (nurse) answered the phone, I spieled off this incredible, well rehearsed, rather long detailed line....who I was, what I needed and why....then this voice said..."Well, I really would like to help you, but this is Additive Services."  She gave me a number too.  You see, here in Alberta the testing is done my Alberta Health Services.  The nurse also gave me a wrong number, which lead to another person giving me a  number, that did not seem like a real number at all.....310-0000.  I looked at that and said, "gee that looks like a number that would be had for a emergency oil spill or something".  I called it, it was a general number for government services.  In the end all this lead me to a voice box of a lady with a heavy accent that would be German, maybe...she claim if I left her a "brief message of my intentions" and a return number she would return my call when she was available.  Her office was called "water and wells dispatch" or something strange like that. So I wait!!!!!

Today, Daniel's wife Vicky and baby Achilles came with me....he is so sweet! Vicky was such good company...she is so positive and warm.

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