Sunday, March 8, 2015

Winter 2014, Christmas, New Years and off to MEXICO!!!

Papa makes an indoor swing for the us all.

Old Man Winter arrives...cold, blowing and painting the world white.

This Cat showed up on our door-step. Now I call him Tom. 
November to March, and he is still alive...Hurray for Tommy Boy!!!

 December brings us -40 Deep Freeze.....Brrrrrr!!!!!!

Grandaughters arrive to trim the tree and bake cookies for Nan and Papa 

 Every grandchild had a figure hanging on the tree
...these are for Achilles, Piercen and Jake
 Every child is a star in our hearts...each one hangs on the tree.  
Here is Skee's Star. (Auntie Vicky made the names for our stars.)

Many nights the the Northern Lights dance in our sky
It kind of makes me forgive the winters bitter cold!

 Mid January, the evening before we leave this cold frozen land, to head for ..........

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