Sunday, March 8, 2015

Our Harvest, Grains, Pickles, and Hunted Meat.

Papa Mark hand planted his was a bountiful & beautiful field of grain.

In September and October the farmhouse pickled and preserved.  So enjoyable!

The combine ran through our neighbouring fields.  Fall was soon to be upon us.
 Family came and went at will....We LOVED every visit from one and all!
Dan, Vicky and Achilles

One day as everyone left...I was struck to see a pair of boot and bucket of the same colour.  It was left behind.  Of course I saw a photo shoot there! (smile)

We now harvested the chickens and invited a cat to join the farm...
as Joe says,it is the farm of "DEATH" for animals...
We call the cat Charlie, sadly he was hit by a car.


Nothing Beats Beets

We LOVED our laying ladies...and the eggs were enjoyed by all......

 So the fields and trees turned golden and Papa Mark went a us an Elk

 Papa and his hunting buddy, cut , grounded, wrapped the meat for our winters food

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