Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stairs Cases.

Yesterday I was in Wembley taking care of Heidi's girls.  Mark came by with the stairs in tow, and so I was able to get this shot.  It is taken through a window as he is driving is not real sharp.  The sky was so amazing looking...I decided it was worth sharing.  We did get some rain before the afternoon was done!  Not much ahappen at the farm house this week....we really need to get the roof on. but our framer/builder, is having some

trouble getting the help he needs...and we have no finished roof.

Today was our first hard rain, we have some things, like our cupboards, and tiles and fixtures sitting in boxes in the house...which is a far cry from waterproof....WE NEED THAT ROOF TILED!!  Feeling some stress over that!

On the bright side...rain on the trailers tin roof was amazing tonight..It is now almost 2 am and I must get to sleep!  LOL

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Brenda said...

Sharrell and I are sitting here looking at progress! Looks like everyone is having a great timel My, what a sky! Well, the carpenter had better pick up his socks and get that roof shingled! Mercy! It's pouring cats and dogs here after a day of 32 degrees. PTL. Love, Sharrell and Brenda