Monday, May 27, 2013

Judy I just left a comment below in your last post. It is there and appears quite well. I have also read other comments left by Sylvie and Brenda... I am not sure what problems you are referring to regarding comments not showing up. I will copy and paste my last comments here to this post as well, but everything seems to post well...either in the comment box or the actual blog page.

Wow, I have not been by for about a week. Great changes in such a short time! Your home is looking beautiful! The children look so happy to be included in all the activity and Papa is looking remarkably well! Actually Nana is looking well and right in her element with all the little ones around. Great northern lights photos and of course you cannot go wrong with sunset shots either. I am really loving that big red barn. Looks like it may need a bit of roof work before long, but it is a beaut!

May 27, 2013 at 10:36 AM

You do realize you have to click on the comment box below each post to be able to see them??? If you look below your last post it says 1 comment. 

I wish I knew what you were referring to; I might be able to 
help out with it.

P.S. I noticed that one of the baby's were playing with an old wooden spool...cute!

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