Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Birds and The Bees:

This week was very interesting on our farm.
 A contractor was working on the finishing of the gables
and Mark working on the siding singles, notices a large
swarm of bees...thousands of them arrive, ...They (the bees) found two
nice locations on the old farm house.  As you saw from my last posting
the Fields are in full bloom right now.  I understand that the
Prairie farmers will hirer bee keepers to bring their
honey bees to pollinate the massive crops.  My thought
is that someone has lost thier honey bees.  Since the bees
have moved in, well I guess the birds felt it was a natural haven also.
The mice have lived there forever it seems and today
the little squirell scampered inside too.

Time to get my "stuff" out of there!!
Do not worry I will leave the long blind in the corner
until the baby birds hatch and fly the coop!!

Truth is I am not able to move any of it in the house yet;
Too much indoor constuctions going on.

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Wendy said...

Love the swallows. They used to nest in our eaves and when we changed the siding they disappeared. I miss them even though they are messy. The bees I would not miss!